National Australia Bank: Quiz

Question 1: In 1858 Alexander Gibb, a Melbourne gentleman, enlisted Andrew Cruickshank, a local merchant and pastoralist, to raise the capital to establish National Bank of Australasia with headquarters in ________.
Melbourne City CentreDarwin, Northern TerritorySydneyMelbourne

Question 2: It began to outsource back office positions offshore, beginning with a pilot with 23 jobs from the accounts payable department in Melbourne going to Bangalore, India in an agreement with ________.
MicrosoftAccentureGeneral ElectricGoldman Sachs

Question 3:
How many employees does National Australia Bank have?

Question 4:
What industry is National Australia Bank in?

Question 5: Anthony Yuen[63], Non-Executive Director (Group Managing Director, Asia Pacific, ________)
National Westminster BankRoyal Bank of ScotlandBank of IrelandBarclays

Question 6:
What is the company slogan of National Australia Bank?
Science for a Better Life
"Quality Technology and Service Foster Healthy Life"
a little word for a big life
French:A big company, for a big country

Question 7:
Which of these is a National Australia Bank product?
Casualty Insurance
mousepads, headphones, sound cards, apparel
Banking, financial and related services

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at National Australia Bank?
Joseph Gutnick
Marlo D. Mendoza,
Jacques Rouayroux
Cameron Clyne, Michael Chaney

Question 9:
Where is National Australia Bank?
Melbourne, Australia

Question 10:
What is the revenue of National Australia Bank?
$32 billion USD
A$51 million AUD
$32 billion AUD
$13 billion AUD

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