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National Assembly of Quebec: Quiz


Question 1:
Which is currently the premier party of National Assembly of Quebec?

Question 2: In 1968 the ________, the Legislative Council, was abolished and the remaining house was renamed.
Australian SenateAbolished upper houseUpper houseBicameralism

Question 3: One of the members of the National Assembly is chosen as the President of the Assembly (a post called speaker in most other ________ assemblies) by the premier with the support of the leader of the opposition.
Westminster systemCommonwealth realmParliamentary systemPrime minister

Question 4: It was abolished from 1841 to 1867 under the 1840 Act of Union which merged Upper Canada and Lower Canada into a single colony named the ________.
Province of Quebec (1763–1791)Province of CanadaColony of Vancouver IslandColony of British Columbia

Question 5: The 1867 ________, which created the Canadian confederation, split the Province of Canada into the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.
Canadian Senate divisionsBritish North America Acts28th Canadian MinistryCanadian federalism

Question 6: The National Assembly of Quebec (French: Assemblée nationale du Québec) is the legislative body of the Canadian province of ________.
OntarioQuebecAlbertaNew France

Question 7: The original Quebec legislature was ________, consisting of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly.
United States SenateAustralian SenateBicameralismUpper house

Question 8: The proceedings of the National Assembly are broadcast across Quebec on the ________ network Canal de l'Assemblée nationale.
IPTVCable televisionSatellite televisionShaw Direct

Question 9: Before 1968, there had been various unsuccessful attempts at abolishing the Legislative Council, which was analogous to the ________.
Politics of CanadaParliament of CanadaHouse of Commons of CanadaSenate of Canada


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