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Naskh (script): Quiz


Question 1: It was also used in commentaries on the Qur'an (________) and in collections of poetry (Divan).
IslamTafsirFi Zilal al-Qur'anShia Islam

Question 2: Naskh, along with Ta'liq, is also famous for giving rise to the Nasta'līq script, the script used for writing ________, Persian, Kashmiri, and sometimes Pashto and Uyghur.
UrduHindiHindustani languagePunjabi language

Question 3: Naskhi was used in copying Qur'ans, Delails, En-ams and ________.
ShariaSunni IslamHadithIslamic schools and branches

Question 4: Naskh (نسخ, also known as Naskhi or by its Turkish name Nesih, from Arabic نسخ) is a specific calligraphic style for writing in the ________, thought to be invented by Ibn Muqlah.
Arabic languageArabic alphabetSyriac alphabetHebrew alphabet


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