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Narmer Palette: Quiz


Question 1: The Narmer Palette resides in the Egyptian Museum in ________, and is one of the initial exhibits that visitors see when entering the museum.

Question 2: At the top of both sides of the palette are the central ________ bearing the rebus symbols n'r (catfish) and mr (chisel) inside, being the phonetic representation of Narmer's name.
KhasekhemwyDjerSerekhAncient Egyptian royal titulary

Question 3: Above the prisoner is a falcon, representing ________, perched above a set of papyrus flowers, the symbol of Lower Egypt.
Apis (Egyptian mythology)HorusOsirisSet (mythology)

Question 4: To his right are the hieroglyphic symbols for his name, though not contained within a ________.
KhasekhemwyDjerAncient Egyptian royal titularySerekh

Question 5: The stone has often been wrongly identified in the past as being ________ or schist.
SlateSlate industrySedimentary rockMetamorphic rock

Question 6: The Narmer Palette is part of the permanent collection of the Egyptian Museum in ________.

Question 7: [7] This material was used extensively during the pre-dynastic period for creating such palettes, and also was used as a source for ________ statuary.
Ancient EgyptNew KingdomOld KingdomEgypt (Roman province)

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