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Narmada River: Quiz


Question 1: The early course of about 125 km (77.7 mi) up to Markari falls is met with a succession of cataracts and rapids from the elevated table land of ________ to the low level of Gujarat plain.
Madhya PradeshIndo-Gangetic PlainMalwa (Madhya Pradesh)Thar Desert

Question 2: At first, the descent is rapid and the stream, quickening in pace, rushes over a barrier of rocks.sukanya The Sikta and the Kaveri join it below the ________ plain.
IndoreMadhya PradeshKhandwaBurhanpur

Question 3: The coastal plains in Gujarat are composed of alluvial ________ with a layer of black soils on the surface[8].
SandClaySoil liquefactionEarthquake

Question 4: The Narmada's watershed includes the northern slopes of the Satpuras, and the steep southern slope of the Vindhyas, but not the Vindhyan tableland, the streams from which flow into the ________ and Yamuna.
Ghaghara RiverIndus RiverBhagirathi RiverGanges

Question 5: The banks are high between the layers of old alluvial deposits, hardened mud, gravels of nodular ________ and sand.
Karst topographySedimentary rockCarbonate rockLimestone

Question 6: According to the ________ (WWF), about 30% of the ecoregion is covered in relatively intact vegetation.
SustainabilityConservation biologyWorld Wide Fund for NatureNatural environment

Question 7: The Narmada valley is considered extremely important for ________ studies in India.
Geologic time scaleEcologyBiologyPaleontology

Question 8: The Narmada happens to be one of the most sacred of the five holy rivers of India; the other four being ________, Yamuna, Godavari and Kaveri.
Bhagirathi RiverIndus RiverGangesGhaghara River

Question 9: The ________ has finally intervened to ensure that the implementation of the projects are not halted.
Government of IndiaSupreme Court of IndiaChief Justice of IndiaAdministrative divisions of India

Question 10: The lower Narmada River Valley and the surrounding uplands, covering an area of169,900 km2 (65,598.8 sq mi) consists of dry ________ forests.
DeciduousAutumn leaf colorLeafPlant


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