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Narayana: Quiz


Question 1: Prithvi Narayan Shah founded the kingdom of ________

Question 2: The song is co-composed and sung by ________, singer and frontman of the English psychedelic rock band Kula Shaker.
K (album)Crispian MillsJay DarlingtonStrangefolk (album)

Question 3: There is also song "Narayan" by The Prodigy on their ________ album, with the lyrical line "Om Namah Narayana".
Invaders Must DieSmack My Bitch UpAlways Outnumbered, Never OutgunnedThe Fat of the Land

Question 4: In the video game ________ from the Grand Theft Auto series, Narayana is the name of a neighbourhood occupied by the Hare Krishna street gang.
Grand Theft Auto 2Grand Theft Auto (series)Grand Theft Auto IIIGrand Theft Auto: Vice City

Question 5: The name of the Siamese king ________ (r.
PhetrachaTaksinNaraiBuddha Yodfa Chulaloke

Question 6: Narayana is another name for Vishnu and appears as the 245th name in the ________.
VaishnavismAvatarVishnu sahasranamaHinduism

Question 7: [2] The epic identifies them both in plural 'Krishnas', or as part incarnations of the earlier incarnations of Vishnu, recalling their mystical identity as ________.
SwaminarayanNara-NarayanaVachanamrutSwaminarayan Hinduism

Question 8: [3] Followers of ________ believe that Narayan manifested himself as Swaminarayan.
Gunatitanand SwamiSwaminarayan HinduismSwaminarayanSwaminarayan Sampraday

Question 9: In the Kurma Purana he is identified with ________ and Krishna-Vishnu, but in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana Narayana is considered different from Krishna and also considered part of Krishna.
BrahmanMysticismĀstika and nāstikaMonotheism

Question 10: In the Mahabharata Krishna is often referred to as Narayana and ________ as Nara.
ArjunaBhagavad GitaDurvasaDuryodhana


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