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Napoleonic era: Quiz


Question 1: Selim III, Mustafa IV, and ________ - Ottoman Empire
AbdülazizAbdul Hamid IIAbdülmecid IMahmud II

Question 2: Ferdinand IV and Maria Carolina - ________ and the Two Sicilies

Question 3: ________ (1812 - 1814)
Polish–Austrian WarWar of the Sixth CoalitionGreat Northern WarWar of the Fourth Coalition

Question 4: Charles Emmanuel IV - ________
ItalyKingdom of SardiniaKingdom of Italy (1861–1946)Sicily

Question 5: Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and ________ of the United States of America
Alexander HamiltonJames MadisonJohn JayJames Monroe

Question 6: The ________ soon set out to restore Europe to pre-French Revolution days.
PrussiaHundred DaysCongress of ViennaNapoleonic Wars

Question 7: George III of Great Britain, succeeded by King George IV of the United Kingdom as regent from ________
1812March 1November 171811

Question 8: Mary I (with John VI acting as regent) - ________
SpainEast TimorGreecePortugal

Question 9: ________ - Kingdom of France (6 April 1814 - 20 March 1815; 8 July 1815 - 16 Sept.
Louis Antoine, Duke of AngoulêmeLouis XVI of FranceLouis XVII of FranceLouis XVIII of France

Question 10: It is generally classified as including the fourth and final stage of the ________, the first being the National Assembly, the second being the Legislative Assembly, and the third being the Directory.
Ancien RégimeNational Constituent AssemblyFrench RevolutionNational Convention


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