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Question 1: The French-led Grande Armée, consisting of 650,000 men (270,000 Frenchmen and many soldiers of allies or subject areas), crossed the ________ on 23 June 1812.
Baltic SeaKaunasLithuaniaNeman River

Question 2: The ________, briefly allied with Austria in 1814, allied with France again and fought against Austria during the Neapolitan War in 1815.
Napoleonic WarsCharles III of SpainKingdom of SicilyKingdom of Naples

Question 3: Within months of the collapse of the Third Coalition, the ________ (1806–07) against France was formed by Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
War of the Sixth CoalitionGreat Northern WarWar of the Fourth CoalitionGreater Poland Uprising (1806)

Question 4: the Principality of Lucca and Piombino (under ________ (Napoleon's sister) and her husband Felice Baciocchi);
Pauline BonaparteLucien BonaparteElisa BonaparteNapoleon I

Question 5: The ________ (1815) pitted the United Kingdom, Russia, Prussia, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands and a number of German states against France.
Napoleon INapoleonic WarsMilitary mobilisation during the Hundred DaysHundred Days

Question 6: Napoleon Bonaparte, the main architect of victory in the last years of the First Coalition, had gone to campaign in ________.

Question 7: Saxony changed sides again in 1813 during the ________, causing most other member-states to quickly follow suit and declare war on France.
Battle of Lützen (1813)War of the Sixth CoalitionBattle of DresdenBattle of Leipzig

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Hundred Days?
36 missing
400 prisoners and 700 dead
68,000+ killed, wounded, captured, or missing

Question 9: No consensus exists as to when the ________ ended and the Napoleonic Wars began.
French Revolutionary WarsFrench Revolutionary ArmyFirst CoalitionGreat French War

Question 10:
Who was a commander in the French invasion of Russia?
Napoleon I
Khan Devlet I Giray
Sultan Ahmed I
Selim I Giray

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