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Napoleon III of France: Quiz


Question 1: On 28 April 1855 Napoleon survived an attempted ________.
AssassinationHonor killingInfanticideMass murder

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Napoleon III of France have?

Question 3:

Question 4:
When did Napoleon III of France die?

Question 5:
When did Napoleon III of France's term start?

Question 6: Meanwhile, France was under first the Bourbon and then the ________ monarchies.
Bourbon RestorationFrench RevolutionOrléanistLegitimists

Question 7:
Which is currently the premier party of Napoleon III of France?

Question 8: He soon made another attempt to gain Catholic support, however, by approving the ________ in 1851, which restored a greater role for the Church in the French educational system.
Falloux LawsJuly MonarchyAdolphe ThiersFrench Third Republic

Question 9: In battle against Prussia in July 1870 the Emperor was captured at the ________ (2 September) and was deposed by the forces of the Third Republic in Paris two days later.
Battle of Mars-la-TourFranco-Prussian WarSiege of ParisBattle of Sedan (1870)

Question 10:
Which prime minister did Napoleon III of France serve under?

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