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Napalm Death: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the origin of Napalm Death?

Question 2:
Napalm Death name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 3:
What years was Napalm Death active?
1981 – present
2004 - present

Question 4:
Which of the following genres does Napalm Death produce?
Pop rock
Metal, hard rock
Crust punk
Rock, Music Video

Question 5: The band were initially inspired by the early wave of punk bands, particularly the ________ movement (a sub-genre of punk music focused on anarchist politics) and groups within that genre such as Crass.
Buddhist anarchismAnarchism and the artsGreen anarchismAnarcho-punk

Question 6: [citation needed] They then toured the US with ________, Sacred Reich and Sick Of It All.
SepulturaArise (Sepultura album)Chaos A.D.Max Cavalera

Question 7: In early 2006 Napalm Death headlined a tour with ________, A Perfect Murder, and Undying.
Violent RevolutionEndless PainOutcast (album)Kreator

Question 8: Members of Napalm Death have moved on to form bands such as Carcass, ________, Cathedral, Scorn, Jesu, and Black Galaxy.
Merciless (EP)Justin BroadrickCold World (EP)Godflesh

Question 9: This EP was recorded at the Slaughterhouse Studios and took on a slightly different sound, blending Grindcore with ________.
Heavy metal musicHeavy metal subgenresDeath metalBlack metal

Question 10: Napalm Death are an English extreme metal band from ________, formed in 1981.

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