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Napalm: Quiz


Question 1: After news reports of the weapon's effects the company experienced ________ of its products and its recruiters faced virulent protests on college campuses.
Charles BoycottIsraelIrish National Land LeagueBoycott

Question 2: Napalm bombs were notably used in the ________.
Korean WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 3: Napalm 877 was used in flamethrowers and ________ by the US and Allied forces, to increase effectiveness of flammable liquids.
Nuclear technologyCeramic engineeringBombAmmunition

Question 4: Napalm is composed of a mixture of salts of aluminum, naphthenic acids (produced from crude oil) and palmitic acids (found in palm oil or ________) which create an "aluminum soap".
Cooking oilButterCoconut oilSoybean

Question 5: Subsequently, after the ________ take-over she was used as a propaganda tool by the Vietnamese Government.
Communist stateMarxismCommunismSocialism

Question 6: [11] In the Western theatre, the Royal Air Force and US Army Air Forces dropped several hundred thousand firebombs on the city of ________, destroying over 90% of the city center.

Question 7: Napalm (naphthenic and palmitic acids) is a thickening/gelling agent generally mixed with ________ or a similar fuel for use in military operations.
Filling stationInternal combustion engineGasolineDiesel fuel

Question 8: [1] When this "soap" is mixed with gasoline, ________, JP-4, or JP-5,[5] it produces a syrupy brown incendiary substance.
Hydraulic fluidAuxiliary power unitPropeller (aircraft)Avgas

Question 9: Napalm was first used as fuel for ________ and went on to be used more prevalently in firebombs.
United StatesTankWorld War IIFlamethrower

Question 10: PhĂșc sustained third-degree ________ to half her body and was not expected to live after the attack by South Vietnamese aircraft.
FrostbiteBurnForeign bodyHypothermia

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