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Nanyang, Henan: Quiz


Question 1: Zhang Heng, ________ astronomer, mathematician and inventor of the first seismometer in history.
Tang DynastyHan DynastyMing DynastySong Dynasty

Question 2: Neixiang County Mansion(Ming & ________)
ChinaTang DynastyQing DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 3: Zhang Zhongjing, late Eastern Han Dynasty physician and ________.
PharmacyPharmacistDietitianEmergency medical services

Question 4: Sheqi Meeting Place(________)
ChinaQing DynastyMing DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 5: ________ egg fossils have been discovered in the Nanyang Basin.

Question 6: Nanyang Mansion (Ming & ________)
Yuan DynastyTang DynastyChinaQing Dynasty

Question 7: Passengers can take airplanes to and from ________, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin.

Question 8: ________'s Grave( Han Dynasty)
ChinaZhang HengShen KuoTang Dynasty

Question 9: To the north of the town, there is a mountain called Dushan(meanning Lonely Hill in Chinese), which is famous for its ________.
Body piercingJewelleryQuartzJade

Question 10: Nanyang (simplified Chinese: 南阳traditional Chinese: 南陽pinyin: Nányáng; Postal map spelling: Nanyang) is a prefecture-level city in southwestern ________ province, People's Republic of China.
XingyangQi County, KaifengDengzhouHenan


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