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Question 1: Using nanotechnology, such components could be created out of ________.
ChemistryInorganic chemistryChemical compoundElectrochemistry

Question 2: This technique uses as source material either laser ablated particles or a feed gas (such as ________).

Question 3: These discrete values are often referred to as the quantum of conductance and are ________ values of
Rational numberField (mathematics)IntegerNatural number

Question 4: This is because ________ in nanowires are quantum confined laterally and thus occupy energy levels that are different from the traditional continuum of energy levels or bands found in bulk materials.

Question 5: For nanowires, the best catalysts are liquid metal (such as ________) nanoclusters, which can either be purchased in colloidal form and deposited on a substrate or self-assembled from a thin film by dewetting.

Question 6: Nanowires are being studied for use as photon ballistic waveguides as interconnects in ________/quantum effect well photon logic arrays.
Carbon nanotubeNanomaterialsQuantum dotFullerene

Question 7: the energy of the electrons going through a nanowire can assume only discrete values, multiple of the Von Klitzing constant G = 2e2/h (where e is the charge of the electron and h is the ________).
PhotonPlanck constantWave–particle dualityQuantum mechanics

Question 8: After p-n junctions were built with nanowires, the next logical step was to build ________.
Sheffer strokeLogic gateIntegrated circuitDigital electronics


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