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Nanning: Quiz


Question 1: Nanning serves as host for the annual China-________ EXPO (CASEAN EXPO) which began in 2005 and was the venue for the 2006 "World Robotics Olympiad".
Pacific Islands ForumShanghai Cooperation OrganisationASEANSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Question 2: In the late 1930s a railway was begun, joining Hengyang in southern Hunan province with ________, Liuzhou, Nanning, and the Vietnam border, while another was begun from Liuzhou to Guiyang in Guizhou.
Yangshuo CountyGuangxiZiyuan CountyGuilin

Question 3: In the ________ Nanning developed into the commodity distributing center of the Zuojiang River and the Youjiang River with the reputation of "Little Nanjing".
Tang DynastyHan DynastyMing DynastySong Dynasty

Question 4: The line is set to be 577 km long, of which 61% will be in ________, and will allow trains to run up to 200 km/hr.
Rongshui Miao Autonomous CountyYizhouPingxiang, GuangxiGuangxi

Question 5: Until then Nanning had essentially been a commercial center dependent on ________ and on the Xi River system.

Question 6: It is known as the "Green City" because of its abundance of lush tropical ________.
LeafSeedPlantFlowering plant

Question 7: Nanning has a ________ according to the Köppen climate classification.
Austin, TexasUnited StatesAtlantaHumid subtropical climate

Question 8: Nanning was once the territory of the ________ people and became the capital of Jinxing Prefecture separated from Yulin Prefecture of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.
Han ChineseYue peoplesChinaChinese language

Question 9: Nanning (simplified Chinese: 南宁traditional Chinese: 南寧pinyin: Nánníng, Zhuang: Namzningz, meaning 'South Prosperity') is the capital of Guangxi autonomous region in southern ________.
ChinaProvince (China)Religion in ChinaTime in China

Question 10: In the ________ in 1324, it was renamed Nanning Lu (an administrative division) of Yongzhou Lu meaning "May peace maintain in the southern frontier", hence the name Nanning.
Yuan DynastyMongol EmpireGolden HordeChagatai Khanate


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