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Nanjing anti-African protests: Quiz


Question 1: On December 24, 1988 two male African students were entering their campus at ________ in Nanjing with two Chinese women.
Hohai UniversitySoutheast UniversityChina Pharmaceutical UniversityNanjing University

Question 2: On the evening of 26 December, the marchers converged on the railway station while holding banners calling for ________ and political reform.
TortureCultureReproductive rightsHuman rights

Question 3: Anti-African demonstrations spread to other cities, including Shanghai and ________.

Question 4: Animosity towards African students has been a recurring event since the early 1960s, when scholarships provided by the Chinese government allowed many students from 'China-friendly' African countries to study in ________.

Question 5: The ________ came 4 months after the anti-African protests in Nanjing and some elements of the Nanjing protests were still evident, such as banners proclaiming "No Offend Chinese Women".
Tiananmen Square protests of 1989Mikhail GorbachevLech WałęsaRevolutions of 1989

Question 6: These were smaller than the Nanjing protests, though the Beijing protests were one of the currents which led to the ________.
Lech WałęsaTiananmen Square protests of 1989Mikhail GorbachevRevolutions of 1989

Question 7: The Nanjing Anti-African protests were mass demonstrations and riots against African students in Nanjing, ________, which lasted from December 1988, to the following January.
ChinaProvince (China)Religion in ChinaTime in China

Question 8: This policy was originally based on the idea of 'third world solidarity' and ________'s linking of the fight against 'western imperialism' with Marxist class war.
Chiang Kai-shekZhou EnlaiDeng XiaopingMao Zedong

Question 9: In an incident in ________ in 1979, African students were attacked after playing loud music and making inappropriate sexual remarks to Chinese women.
BeijingChongqingHong KongShanghai


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