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Question 1:
Who is Nancy Pelosi's spouse?
Paul Mareva
Paul Tate
Paul Grunert
Paul Pelosi

Question 2: Pelosi's brother, Ronald Pelosi was a member of the ________'s Board of Supervisors.
Oakland, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan FranciscoSan Jose, California

Question 3:
What was Nancy Pelosi's birth name?
Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi
JonBenu00E9t Patricia Ramsey
Patricia Lee Ramey
Siobhan Patricia Dillon

Question 4:
What office has Nancy Pelosi held?
Senator for South Shore, Nova Scotia
Lieutenant Governor of Iowa
Member of the Houston City Council from the C District
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Question 5:
What college did Nancy Pelosi attend?
University of Chicago
PhD - Yale University, 1973
Trinity Washington University
Cornell University

Question 6:
Where was Nancy Pelosi born?

Question 7:

Question 8: Rolling With Pelosi, from ________, October 23, 2006
NewsweekReader's DigestForeign PolicySlate (magazine)

Question 9:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Nancy Pelosi?

Question 10: Pelosi favors the federal ________ of the banks and the auto industry.
BailoutBear StearnsCitigroupSubprime mortgage crisis

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