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Namtso: Quiz


Question 1: It is the highest salt lake in the world, and largest salt lake in the ________.
Xigazê PrefectureNgari PrefectureTibet Autonomous RegionLhoka (Shannan) Prefecture

Question 2: However, it is not the largest salt lake in ________.
Taklamakan DesertTibetan PlateauHimalayasGobi Desert

Question 3: A surfaced road across Largen La at 5186 m was completed to the lake in 2005, enabling easy access from ________ and the development of tourism at the lake.
Damxung CountyLhasaDoilungdêqên CountyLhünzhub County

Question 4: That title belongs to Qinghai Lake (almost twice the size of Namtso); which lies over 1,000 km [650 miles] to the north-east in China's ________.
HenanQinghaiTibet Autonomous RegionGansu


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