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Names of God in the Qur'an: Quiz


Question 1: "The Nine Billion Names of God", a short story by ________.
Arthur C. ClarkeThe Last Theorem2001: A Space Odyssey3001: The Final Odyssey

Question 2: Several hadiths, which vary according to different Shi'a sects of Islam, suggest that the 100th Name will be revealed by the ________.
Shia IslamMahdiMuhammadSharia

Question 3: Muhammad is also reported to have said in a famous ________:
ShariaSunni IslamHadithIslamic schools and branches

Question 4: A corresponding concept is the Sahasranama (1000 Names) ascribed to ________ Deities.

Question 5: As per Islam, the final prophet ________ used to call God by all His Names:


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