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Names for U.S. citizens: Quiz


Question 1: Different languages use different terms for citizens of the ________, who are known in English as Americans.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines

Question 2: [13] The earliest recorded use in this context is in a 1784 letter by ________.
Napoleonic WarsHoratio Nelson, 1st Viscount NelsonHMS Agamemnon (1781)HMS Victory

Question 3: [16] Several single-word English alternatives for "American" have been suggested over time, including "Usonian", popularized by ________,[17] and the nonce term "United-Statesian".
Darwin D. Martin HouseFrank Lloyd WrightTaliesin (studio)Chicago

Question 4: The adjective "American" originally referred to the landmass known as the ________ or America.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 5: [12] "________" (or "Yank") is a common colloquial term for Americans in English; cognates can be found in other languages.
New EnglandYankeeUnited StatesConnecticut

Question 6: Within the United States, "Yankee" usually refers to people specifically from ________ or the Northern United States, though it has been applied to Americans generally since the 18th century, especially by the British.
Southern United StatesNew EnglandMidwestern United StatesNortheastern United States

Question 7: ________
IndianaWisconsinMaineList of demonyms for U.S. states

Question 8: "Americans" originally referred to the ________, and later to European settlers and their descendants.
Pre-Columbian eraModels of migration to the New WorldIndigenous peoples of the AmericasClassification of indigenous peoples of the Americas

Question 9: Other languages, such as Chinese, Korean, Swahili, Vietnamese, and ________, have different terms for U.S.
Esperanto grammarEsperantidoReformed EsperantoEsperanto

Question 10: [13] The word "________", often used pejoratively, is common in Spanish and has entered into other languages including English, in which language it is recorded as early as 1871.
MexicoBrazilLatin AmericaGringo


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