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Question 1: Larger personal name plates also include graphics or artwork, such as a horse or a ________, that match the interests of the identified person.
Baseball gloveHome runBaseball batWalk-off home run

Question 2: This is because plastic is an inexpensive material relative to wood and ________.
MetalNoble gasNonmetalHalogen

Question 3: For plastic and wooden name plates, the names are etched into the material through a number of processes, including mechanical engraving, ________, or whittling.
GlassRing (jewellery)Laser engravingOptics

Question 4: The primary use of name plates is for informative (as in an ________ environment, where name plates are mounted on doors or walls in order to identify employees) and commercial purposes (as in a retail environment, where name plates are mounted on products to identify the brand).
HouseSmall office/home officeOfficeBathroom

Question 5: Office nameplates generally are made out of ________ or wood and usually contain one or two lines of text.
PolystyrenePlasticPolyvinyl chloridePolycarbonate

Question 6: In these cases, the name plates are fashioned out of ________, silver, or other metals and worn as a form of jewellery.

Question 7: Whereas name tags tend to be worn on uniforms or ________, name plates tend to be mounted onto an object (e.g., cars, amplification devices) or physical space (e.g.,doors, walls, or desktops).
SilkWoolClothingDress code

Question 8: The graphics or artwork reinforce the ________ and personalization established by the name plate.
Max StirnerIndividualist anarchismClassical liberalismIndividualism

Question 9: The standard format for an office nameplate is to display a person’s name on the first line and a person’s job ________ on the second line.
TitleMonarchRoyal and noble ranksPrince

Question 10: The primary reasons for excluding job titles are to extend the longevity of a name plate and to promote a culture of ________, where the strength of one’s thoughts are not connected to one’s job title.


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