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Namco Tales Studio: Quiz


Question 1: ), is a Japanese ________ development company founded in 1986.
Personal computer gameVideo game genresNonviolent video gameVideo game

Question 2: After approaching ________, Telenet struck a contract with Namco.
Square Co.Square EnixEnixDigiCube

Question 3: To continue the lucrative arrangement with Namco to develop the Tales series, Telenet re-staffed Wolf Team and retained some other staff, such as ________ on a freelance basis.
Motoi SakurabaNamco Tales StudioStar OceanCamelot Software Planning

Question 4: Namco, however, insisted upon many changes to the game, including renaming the title to ________.
Tales of SymphoniaTales of PhantasiaTales of the AbyssTales of Eternia


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