Nakuru: Quiz

Question 1: These crops are stored in massive ________ at the outskirts of the town by the National Cereals and Produce Board and Lesiolo Grain Handlers Limited.
DenmarkSiloFrankfurt am MainGermany

Question 2: The first and second presidents of Kenya maintained their semi-official residents within the town, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and within the district, Mzee ________.
Mobutu Sese SekoYoweri MuseveniDaniel arap MoiIdi Amin

Question 3: ________, manufacturing and tourism are the backbone of the economy of Nakuru.
AgricultureOrganic farmingSustainable agricultureIntensive farming

Question 4: The park is famous for the vast numbers of ________ that can be seen foraging in the shallow lake.

Question 5: Nakuru is a sister city of ________ [1].
Newark, New JerseyEast Orange, New JerseyPaterson, New JerseyTrenton, New Jersey

Question 6: Njoro lies 20 km from Nakuru and is a small agricultural town with a local university aimed at promoting agricultural development in ________, namely Egerton University (est.

Question 7: ________ is a key economic activity and provides the inputs for various milk processing plants arount the town.
Dairy farmingSpainRussiaUnited States

Question 8: However, the modern town, as with many others in Kenya, derives its name from the ________ speaking people of Kenya.
TanzaniaJewellerySpotted HyenaMaasai

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