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Question 1: Naiad (pronounced /ˈneɪəd/ NAY-əd, /ˈnaɪəd/ NYE-əd, or as in Greek Ναϊάδ-ες), also known as Neptune III, is the innermost satellite of ________ named after the Naiads of Greek legend.

Question 2: Since the Voyager 2 flyby, the Neptune system has been extensively studied from ground-based observatories and the ________ as well.
Hubble Space TelescopeSolar and Heliospheric ObservatoryGreat Observatories programJames Webb Space Telescope

Question 3: It is suspected that this is due to considerable errors in Naiad's ________.
TimeEphemerisIslamic calendarEpoch (reference date)

Question 4: In 2002-03 ________ observed the system using adaptive optics and detected easily the largest four inner satellites.
W. M. Keck ObservatoryKZSCLick ObservatoryOptical telescope

Question 5: Naiad was discovered sometime before mid-September, 1989 from the images taken by the ________ probe.
Juno (spacecraft)Cassini–HuygensVoyager 2Mariner 4


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