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Nahua peoples: Quiz


Question 1: The largest concentrations of Nahuatl speakers are found in the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, and ________.
GuanajuatoJaliscoGuerreroHidalgo (state)

Question 2: In 1536 the first university of the ________, the Colegio de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco was inaugurated.
Americas (terminology)AmericasNorth AmericaSouth America

Question 3: Significant populations are also found in México State, Morelos, and the Mexican Federal District, with smaller communities in Michoacán and ________.

Question 4: The last of the southern Nahua populations are the ________ of El Salvador.
TeotihuacanAztecPipilMesoamerican chronology

Question 5: Allying with the Tepanecs and Acolhua people of Texcoco they formed the ________ spreading the political and linguistic influence of the Nahuas well into Central America.
Mesoamerican chronologyInca EmpirePre-Columbian eraAztec

Question 6: Nahuatl was formerly spoken in the states of Jalisco and ________, where it became extinct during the 20th century.

Question 7: At the turn of the 16th century, Nahua populations occupied territories ranging across modern-day Mexico, Guatemala, ________ and Nicaragua as far south as Panama.
Costa RicaEl SalvadorDominican RepublicCuba

Question 8: Some important Mesoamerican civilizations were of Nahua ethnicity, for example, the Toltec and ________ cultures, as well as the Tepaneca, Acolhua, Tlaxcaltec, Xochimilca, and many more.
Inca EmpireAztecMesoamerican chronologyPre-Columbian era

Question 9: The Xochimilca, based in ________ ruled an area south of the lake Texcoco; the Tepanecs ruled the area to the west and the Acolhua ruled an area to the east of the valley.
TeotihuacanZacatecas, ZacatecasXochimilcoMexico City

Question 10: The name Nahua is derived from the ________ word nāhuatl, which means "clear", "intelligible" or "speaking the Nahuatl language".
Mesoamerican languagesNahua peoplesMayan languagesNahuatl


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