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Nagra: Quiz


Question 1: originally produced and continues to produce high-quality recorders for electronic news gathering, radio, and ________ recording.
MusicMusical notationClassical musicMusic theory

Question 2: Nagra is the copyrighted name referring to any of the series of mostly battery-operated portable professional audio recorders produced by Kudelski SA, based in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, ________.

Question 3:
Nagra, Blu-ray Disc and DVD are all:
Audio storage High-end audio Digital television Polish inventions

Question 4: These machines are referred to as SN (for Série Noire) and production was originally ordered by President Kennedy for the ________.
U.S. Immigration and Customs EnforcementU.S. Customs and Border ProtectionUnited States Secret ServiceUnited States Coast Guard

Question 5: It had dual level pots, limiters, and ________ presets.
Equalization filterLow-pass filterEqualizationSound reinforcement system

Question 6: Nagra D - 4-channel ________ digital audio recorder.
Pulse-code modulationNon-return-to-zeroOn-off keyingBipolar encoding

Question 7: Their physical appearance, with the single transport selector and large reel-to-reel tape deck are still the ________ image most people have of a professional tape recorder.
StereotypeAntisemitismEthnic cleansingRacism

Question 8: produced a studio recorder called the Nagra T-Audio, designed mainly for use in ________ for transferring dailies.
TelecineColor suiteColor gradingSpirit DataCine

Question 9: NAGRA II CI - The second generation fitted with ________ replacing chassis wiring, appearing in 1955.
Printed circuit boardGerber FileSurface-mount technologySchematic capture

Question 10: Nagra-brand tape recorders were the ________ standard sound recording systems for motion picture and single-camera television production from the 1960s until the 1990s.
United KingdomUnited StatesDe factoMorocco


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