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Nadir: Quiz


Question 1: The word is also used figuratively to mean the lowest point of a person's ________.

Question 2: Nadir also refers to the downward-facing viewing geometry of an orbiting satellite,[1] such as is employed during remote sensing of the atmosphere, as well as when an ________ faces the Earth while performing an EVA.
Space RaceSpace explorationAstronautHuman spaceflight

Question 3: This can be used to describe the location of the ________, but it is only technically accurate for one latitude at a time and only possible at the low latitudes.
StarEarthSunSolar System

Question 4: The sun is said to be at the nadir at a location when it is at the zenith at the location's ________.

Question 5: The nadir (from Arabic نظير nathir, "opposite") is the direction pointing directly below a particular location; that is, it is one of two vertical directions at the location, ________ to a horizontal flat surface there.
OrthogonalityEuclidean vectorVector spaceEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Question 6: Specifically, in ________, geophysics and related sciences (e.g., meteorology), the nadir at a given point is the local vertical direction pointing in the direction of the force of gravity at that location.


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