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Question 1:
Who played Min-jae the movie Nabi?
Min-jong Kim
Jong-won Lee
Min-jong Kim
Koyeong-jae Dok

Question 2:
Who played Captain Hwang the movie Nabi?
Mun-shik Lee
Min-jong Kim
Koyeong-jae Dok
Jong-won Lee

Question 3:
What role did Koyeong-jae Dok play in the movie Nabi?
Captain Hwang

Question 4: ________, non-divine humans who, in the Islamic faith, have been chosen as prophets by God
Prophets of IslamMuhammadQur'anIslam and Judaism

Question 5: In Korean Nabi is used idiomatically as a diminutive for ________
Gray WolfLionCatRaccoon

Question 6:
  • Nabi, name of the cat, a primary character, in the Korean animation, ________
    Korean languageNewgroundsThere she is!!United States


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