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Question 1: Nonmammalian ________, that elicited the same vasodilatory and contractile effects as SP, were discovered by Erspamer in the early 1960s.
AfamelanotideBremelanotidePeptideMelanotan II

Question 2: The discovery of neurokinin 1 (NK1) receptor antagonists was a turning point in the prevention of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer ________.
AntineoplasticCancer immunotherapyChemotherapyATC code L

Question 3: Since tachykinins were discovered they have been shown to possess biological activity in number of ________ and physiological systems.
InfectionDiseasePathologyInfectious disease

Question 4: The third company, ________, discovered a benzylamino quinuclidine structure, which was called CP-96345 (figure 1).
American ExpressJohnson & JohnsonMerck & Co.Pfizer

Question 5: Neurokinin 1 (NK1) antagonists are a novel class of medications that possesses unique ________[1], anxiolytic[2], and antiemetic properties.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorMirtazapineStimulantAntidepressant

Question 6: The first registered clinical use of NK1 receptor antagonists was the treatment of emesis, associated with cancer ________.
Cancer immunotherapyAntineoplasticATC code LChemotherapy

Question 7: The residue Gln165 (TM4) has also showed to be meaningful for the binding of several non-peptide antagonists, possibly through the formation of a ________.
Hydrogen bondChemical bondChemical polarityDipolar bond

Question 8: By a general hypothesis on peptideric ________ binding site, Takeda discovered a series of N-benzylcarboxyamides in 1995.
Receptor (biochemistry)G protein-coupled receptorMembrane receptorOlfactory receptor

Question 9: Second is the ________ mobilization via phospholipase A2 and third is the cAMP accumulation via stimulation of adenylate cyclase.
EicosanoidEicosapentaenoic acidArachidonic acidProstaglandin

Question 10: For that reason and also to simplify the structure, ________ at this site was performed to produce analogs.
Oil refineryAlcoholAlkylationGasoline

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