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NGC 6302: Quiz


Question 1: It is one of the most complex ________ observed.
Stellar classificationSupernovaStarPlanetary nebula

Question 2: [6] The earliest known study of NGC 6302 is ________ who, in 1907, drew and described it.
JupiterAstronomyMax WolfEdward Emerson Barnard

Question 3: This bipolar structure shows many interesting features seen in ________ such as ionization walls, knots and sharp edges to the lobes.
Stellar classificationPlanetary nebulaSupernovaStar

Question 4: Other solid state features detected include crystalline water ice and ________.

Question 5: This dense disc is postulated to have caused the star's outflows to form a bipolar structure (Gurzadyan 1997), similar to an ________.
Geologic time scaleHourglassTime zoneTime


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