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Question 1: NEXRAD has an increased emphasis on automation, including the use of ________ and automated volume scans.
Algorithm characterizationsLogicAlgorithmAlan Turing

Question 2: One practical application under experiment is using the mosaic map to suggest alternate flight paths for airliners to avoid ________.
Fluid dynamicsTurbulenceDrag (physics)Reynolds number

Question 3: The next major upgrade is polarimetric radar, which adds vertical polarization to the current horizontal ________ waves, in order to more accurately discern what is reflecting the signal.
Ultra high frequencyX bandWeather radarRadar

Question 4: NEXRAD detects precipitation and atmospheric movement or ________.

Question 5: Beyond dual-polarization, the advent of ________ radar will probably be the next major improvement in severe weather detection.
Phased arrayLog-periodic antennaDipole antennaAntenna (radio)

Question 6: Initial development of the NEXRAD system started in 1982 at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in ________.
Oklahoma CityUnited StatesNorman, OklahomaTulsa, Oklahoma

Question 7: Such a system would more likely be installed separate from the existing WSR-88D network, perhaps only in areas like the ________ where tornadoes are more common.
Southern United StatesWestern United StatesGreat PlainsMidwestern United States

Question 8: It returns ________ which when processed can be displayed in a mosaic map which shows patterns of precipitation and its movement.
StatisticsDataStatistical graphicsExperiment

Question 9: It replaced WSR-74 and even ________ units from 1974 and 1957 respectively.
Weather radarNEXRADAN/APS-2FWSR-57

Question 10: The first installation was completed in the Fall of 1990 in ________, however, the first installation of a WSR-88D for use in everyday forecasts was in Sterling, Virginia on June 12, 1992.
Norman, OklahomaOklahoma CityUnited StatesTulsa, Oklahoma


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