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NASA Ames Research Center: Quiz


Question 1: It launched in April 2009 on an Atlas V rocket from ________, Florida.
Cape Canaveral Air Force StationVandenberg Air Force BaseKennedy Space CenterKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39

Question 2: Ames is also a partner on the ________, a next generation Mars rover to explore for signs of organics and complex molecules.
Viking programAstrobiology Field LaboratoryMars Reconnaissance OrbiterMars Science Laboratory

Question 3: On September 28, 2005, both ________ and Ames Research Center disclosed details to a long-term research partnership.
Android (operating system)GoogleGoogle LatitudeGoogle Variations

Question 4: ________ Kepler is NASA's first mission capable of finding Earth-size and smaller planets.
Kepler MissionWide-field Infrared Survey ExplorerHubble Space TelescopeJames Webb Space Telescope

Question 5: In addition, Ames has played a support role in a number of missions, most notably the Mars Pathfinder and ________ missions, where the Ames Intelligent Robotics Laboratory played a key role.
Spirit roverMars Science LaboratoryMars Exploration RoverOpportunity rover

Question 6: Ames operates one of the world′s fastest supercomputers, Pleiades, which will be further enhanced and is scheduled to reach 10 petaflops of ________ by 2012.
Intel 8080MicroprocessorInstructions per secondIntel 80286

Question 7: On June 4, 2008 ________ announced it had leased 42 acres (170,000 m2) at Moffett Field from NASA, for use as office space and employee housing.
Android (operating system)GoogleGoogle VariationsGoogle Latitude

Question 8: ________ was the third mission selected by NASA for full development and construction as part of the Discovery Program.
Galileo (spacecraft)Chandrayaan-1Cassini–HuygensLunar Prospector

Question 9: and German aerospace agencies, NASA and the DLR to make an ________ telescope platform that can fly at altitudes high enough to be in the infrared-transparent regime above the water vapor in the Earth's atmosphere.
InfraredUltravioletElectromagnetic spectrumX-ray

Question 10: In 2008, the ________ (LOIRP) was given space in the old McMoons to digitize data tapes from the five 1966 and 1967 Lunar Orbiter spacecraft that were sent to the Moon.
Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery ProjectPasadena, CaliforniaNASAJet Propulsion Laboratory


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