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N.W.A: Quiz


Question 1:
What is N.W.A also known as?
Jen Taylor
Mike Andrews
Murda Mil's Finest, Midwest Giants, SNYD
Niggaz Wit Attitudes

Question 2: Their first album, ________, marked the beginning of the new gangsta rap era as the production and the social commentary in their lyrics were revolutionary within the genre.
N.W.ANiggaz4LifeStraight Outta ComptonDr. Dre

Question 3: "Niggaz With Attitude")[1] was a Compton, ________-based hip hop group widely considered one of the seminal acts of the gangsta rap sub-genre.
Los AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 4: His political albums are most remembered for referring to America as AmeriKKKa, as well as addressing hypocrisy and issues such as gang life and ________.
RacismSouth Africa under apartheidEthnic cleansingRacial segregation

Question 5:
What is the origin of N.W.A?
Compton, California, United States
Davis, California
Corte Madera, California, United States'''
Manhattan Beach, California,

Question 6:
Which of the following genres does N.W.A produce?

Question 7: [1] ________ ranked N.W.A 83rd on their list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time".
Hot PressEMIRolling StoneNME

Question 8: His first three albums (AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, Death Certificate, and ________) were big hits; they all achieved platinum status, and were greeted with rave reviews by critics.
Lethal Injection (album)Greatest Hits (Ice Cube album)Death Certificate (album)The Predator

Question 9:
Who of the following was previously a member of N.W.A?
Zoran Cvetkoviu0107em
Eazy-EDr. DreIce CubeMC RenDJ Yella Arabian Prince
Chu00E9 Snelting

Question 10: His fourth solo effort, Lethal Injection, was recorded on the back of projects with his crew, Da Lench Mob, and starring in ________.
Higher LearningPoetic Justice (film)Boyz n the HoodBaby Boy (film)

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