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Mythology of Lost: Quiz


Question 1: This journal is later bought at auction by ________.
Lost (season 5)Lost (season 4)Charles WidmoreLost (TV series)

Question 2: In the episode "D.O.C.", Juliet reveals that men on the island have five times the normal ________.
CondomSemen analysisSemen qualitySemen

Question 3: Jack also sees and hears his deceased father sitting in a lobby chair at the hospital where he works in "________".
Lost (TV series)EggtownSomething Nice Back HomeLost (season 4)

Question 4: For reasons unknown, ________ and his daughter Claire Littleton were staying in the cabin instead of Jacob in the episode "Cabin Fever".
Lost (season 3)Lost (season 4)Christian ShephardLost (TV series)

Question 5: Richard Alpert says in "________" that Locke's spine healing itself is not a normal event, even by the Island's standards.
Lost (season 3)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)The BrigLost (TV series)

Question 6: In "________", while at sea, Sayid, Jin, and Sun sight the remnants of a massive statue standing upon a rock in the surf.
Lost (TV series)Live Together, Die AloneLost (season 3)Lost (season 2)

Question 7: [4] The producers have often hinted that the black cloud of smoke is not a monster in the traditional sense, nor is it a cloud of ________ (as some fans have speculated).
NanoroboticsMolecular nanotechnologyNanomedicineMolecular assembler

Question 8: The creators of the series refer to these as part of the ________ of the series.
Greek mythologyMythologyMyth and ritualReligion and mythology

Question 9: It has since stated that it used to be a man, who lost a loved one, and has the goal of leaving the Island and "going home" (in ________ and The Substitute).
Lost (season 4)Lost (TV series)Lost (season 5)Lost (season 6)

Question 10: Locke also makes a miraculously fast recovery in the episode "Through the Looking Glass", after being shot and left for dead by Ben in the episode "________".
Lost (season 5)The Man Behind the CurtainLost (TV series)Lost (season 3)

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