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MythBusters (2009 season): Quiz


Question 1: The cast of the television series ________ perform experiments to verify or debunk urban legends, old wives' tales, and the like.
MythBusters (2007 season)MythBusters (2005 season)MythBustersMythBusters (2008 season)

Question 2: As part of Discovery Channel's Alaska Week 2009 series, the MythBusters returned to ________ to test more cold weather myths.
WashingtonUnited StatesNorthwestern United StatesAlaska

Question 3:
What network screens MythBusters (2009 season)?

Question 4: Adam, Jamie, and the Build Team tested three myths drawn from videos seen on ________.
Google VideosGoogle searchYouTubeGoogle

Question 5:

Question 6: The Build Team tested several myths that involve creating ________ with household materials such as...

Question 7: A notice appears after the end credits honoring rocketry expert ________, who contributed materials and expertise for several segments.
List of additional MythBusters cast membersMythBusters (2004 season)MythBusters (2005 season)MythBusters

Question 8: Finally, they built a second barrel out of ________, reinforced it, and fired it with the same charge, injuring "Kirk" far worse than the Gorn and leading the team to declare the myth busted.
Particle boardEngineered woodPlywoodLumber

Question 9: Thinking that the high ________ of the syrup may have affected the results, Adam and Jamie replaced it with a mixture that was only slightly more viscous than water.
RheologySurface tensionFluid dynamicsViscosity

Question 10: The team then set up an explosion, using 500 pounds (230 kg) of ________ and mannequin legs in socks at distances between 15 and 55 feet (4.6 and 17 m).
Ammonium nitrateANFOAmmonium sulfateExplosive material


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