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Question 1: Class V: ________, MYO5B, MYO5C

Question 2: Myosin XI directs the movement of organelles as plastids and ________ in plant cells[13].
Succinate dehydrogenaseMitochondrial DNAMitochondrionPyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Question 3: It has been studied in vivo in the eyes of ________, where it is thought to play a role in phototransduction.
DrosophilaModel organismMaizeDrosophila melanogaster

Question 4: Here, the long ________ tails of the individual myosin molecules join together, forming the thick filaments of the sarcomere.
Coiled coilHelix-turn-helixBeta sheetAlpha helix

Question 5: Skeletal muscle myosin, the most conspicuous of the myosin superfamily due to its abundance in ________, was the first to be discovered.
Extrafusal muscle fiberSkeletal muscleIntrafusal muscle fiberCardiac muscle

Question 6: Myosin VII is required for phagocytosis in Dictyostelium, spermatogenesis in ________ and stereocilia formation in mice and zebrafish.
Arabidopsis thalianaModel organismDrosophila melanogasterCaenorhabditis elegans

Question 7: The myosin interacts with ________ resulting in fibre contraction.

Question 8: Myosin II contains two heavy chains, each about 2000 ________ in length, which constitute the head and tail domains.
Amino acidMetabolismAmino acid synthesisL-DOPA

Question 9: [10] A human homologue gene for myosin III, MYO3A, has been uncovered through the ________ and is expressed in the retina and cochlea.
GeneticsHuman Genome ProjectDNAChimpanzee genome project

Question 10: They are responsible for ________-based motility.

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