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Question 1: Calcium deposits in the coronary arteries can be detected with ________.
X-ray computed tomographyMagnetic resonance imagingMedical radiographyCT pulmonary angiogram

Question 2: [84] ________ is another option that is sometimes preferable to eplerenone due to cost.

Question 3: They are therefore candidates for immediate reperfusion, either with thrombolytic therapy, ________ (PCI) or when these therapies are unsuccessful, bypass surgery.
Drug-eluting stentInterventional cardiologyPercutaneous coronary interventionVentricular assist device

Question 4: A heart attack is different from, but can be the cause of ________, which is the stopping of the heartbeat, and cardiac arrhythmia, an abnormal heartbeat.
Cardiac arrestPulseless electrical activityMyocardial infarctionAsystole

Question 5: The necrotic area is surrounded and progressively invaded by granulation tissue, which will replace the infarct with a fibrous (________) scar (which are typical steps in wound healing).
CollagenKeratinCollagen, type I, alpha 1Lysyl hydroxylase

Question 6: Chest pain due to ischemia (a lack of blood and hence oxygen supply) of the heart muscle is termed ________.
Myocardial infarctionAngina pectorisCoronary artery diseaseAtherosclerosis

Question 7: ________ therapy such as metoprolol or carvedilol should be commenced.
ClonidineGuanethidineBeta blockerAntianginal

Question 8: Family history of ________ (IHD)
Coronary artery diseaseMyocardial infarctionIschaemic heart diseaseAcute coronary syndrome

Question 9: ________ (more accurately hyperlipoproteinemia, especially high low density lipoprotein and low high density lipoprotein)
HypercholesterolemiaHypertriglyceridemiaHyperlipidemiaFamilial hypercholesterolemia

Question 10: ________[26] (defined by a body mass index of more than 30 kg/m², or alternatively by waist circumference or waist-hip ratio).
Childhood obesityObesityAbdominal obesityObesity hypoventilation syndrome

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