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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Quiz


Question 1: Fundamental to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the theory of psychological type as originally developed by ________.
Jungian archetypesCarl JungSigmund FreudAnalytical psychology

Question 2: [25] Jung's methods primarily included clinical observation, ________ and anecdote, methods largely rejected by the modern field of psychology.
IntrospectionBehaviorismArtificial intelligenceCognition

Question 3: The statistical validity of the MBTI as a ________ instrument has been the subject of criticism.
PsychologyEducational psychologyIndustrial and organizational psychologyPsychometrics

Question 4: McCrae and Costa[7] present ________ between the MBTI scales and the Big Five personality construct, which is a conglomeration of characteristics found in nearly all personality and psychological tests.
Normal distributionPearson product-moment correlation coefficientCorrelation and dependenceVariance

Question 5: Myers' work attracted the attention of Henry Chauncey, head of the ________, and under these auspices, the first MBTI Manual was published in 1962.
New JerseyEducational Testing ServiceCollege BoardEwing Township, New Jersey

Question 6: [40] Critics also argue that the MBTI lacks falsifiability, which can cause ________ in the interpretation of results.
Selection biasCognitive biasInformation bias (epidemiology)Confirmation bias

Question 7: ________ (MMPI)
Big Five personality traitsMental healthMinnesota Multiphasic Personality InventoryRevised NEO Personality Inventory

Question 8: Thinking and feeling are the ________ (judging) functions.
Optimization (mathematics)PlanningDecision makingJoseph Francis Shea

Question 9: Using psychometric techniques, such as ________, the MBTI will then be scored and will attempt to identify the preference, and clarity of preference, in each dichotomy.
Correlation and dependenceNormal distributionItem response theoryStandardized test

Question 10: The registered ________ rights to the terms Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and MBTI have been assigned from the publisher of the test, CPP, Inc., to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust.
Genericized trademarkPublic domainTrademarkUnited States trademark law

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