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Mycobacterium: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the genus authority of Mycobacterium?
Lehmann & Neumann 1896
Swainson 1836
Lesson, 1842

Question 2: The genus includes pathogens known to cause serious diseases in mammals, including tuberculosis and ________.

Question 3: [1] Mycobacteria do not contain ________ or capsules, and are usually considered Gram-positive.
Bacterial cell structureEndosporeGram-positive bacteriaCell wall

Question 4:
What family does Mycobacterium belong to?
incertae sedis

Question 5:
What kind of animal is a Mycobacterium?

Question 6: [1] The ________ prefix "myco—" means both fungus and wax; its use here relates to the "waxy" compounds in the cell wall.
Roman EmpireLatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 7: they do not retain the crystal violet stain), they are classified as an acid-fast Gram-positive bacterium due to their lack of an outer ________.
Cell (biology)Vesicle (biology)Cell nucleusCell membrane

Question 8: A, bacitracin susceptible: S. pyogenes (Scarlet fever, Erysipelas, ________, Streptococcal pharyngitis)
Rheumatic feverTuberculous pericarditisMyocarditisSubacute bacterial endocarditis

Question 9: Also, because of this cell wall, they can survive long exposure to acids, alkalis, detergents, oxidative bursts, lysis by complement, and antibiotics, which naturally leads to ________.
Multiple drug resistanceDrug resistancePharmacologyAntibiotic resistance

Question 10: ________: M. leprae • M. lepraemurium • M. lepromatosis


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