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Mycenaean Greek language: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The language is named after ________, the most impressive of the Late Bronze Age palaces to be excavated which also gave its name to the civilization.
MycenaeAthensOlympia, GreeceDelphi

Question 2: In essence, a limited number of syllabic signs must represent a much greater number of produced syllables, better represented phonetically by the letters of an ________.
Greek alphabetLatin alphabetArabic alphabetAlphabet

Question 3: Still, much may be glimpsed from these records about the people who produced them, and about the Mycenaean period on the eve of the so-called ________.
Aegean civilizationsMycenaean GreeceAncient GreeceGreek Dark Ages

Question 4: The Mycenaean language is preserved in ________ writing, which consists of about 200 syllabic signs and logograms.
Linear BGreek languageMycenaean Greek languageGreek alphabet

Question 5: Since Linear B was derived from ________, the script of an undeciphered Minoan language probably unrelated to Greek, it does not reflect fully the phonetics of Mycenaean.
Cretan hieroglyphsLinear AMycenaean GreeceMinoan civilization

Question 6: The language is preserved in inscriptions in ________, a script first attested on Crete before the 14th century BC.
Greek alphabetGreek languageLinear BMycenaean Greek language

Question 7: Most instances of these inscriptions are on clay tablets found in Knossos in central ________, and in Pylos in the southwest of the Peloponnese.

Question 8: Achaean Greek redirects here. For the dialect later used in ________ and the Peloponnese, see Achaean Doric Greek
Aetolia-AcarnaniaIlia PrefectureAchaeaPatras


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