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My Morning Straitjacket: Quiz


Question 1: Reference to ________'s music is made.
Amarantine (album)EnyaEnya discographyShepherd Moons

Question 2: Both character's names are references to ________.
The BeatlesI Want to Hold Your HandGeorge HarrisonStrawberry Fields Forever

Question 3: Roger's groupie disguise, which he calls, "Abbey Road", is a reference to the character "Penny Lane" from the movie ________ (played by Kate Hudson).
Working GirlAs Good as It GetsThe Lion KingAlmost Famous

Question 4: My Morning Straitjacket is the seventh episode of the fifth season of ________.
American Dad!The Cleveland ShowFuturamaFamily Guy

Question 5: alive!" is a reference to the 1986 film ________, more specifically the final scene from the 1988 sequel Short Circuit 2, when Johnny 5 becomes an American citizen.
WarGamesThe Hard Way (1991 film)Saturday Night FeverShort Circuit

Question 6: Roger steals a car to get them to the next concert in ________.
Albany County, New YorkCapital DistrictGreen Island, New YorkAlbany, New York

Question 7: Disguised as a reporter for Rolling Stone (an allusion to the film ________), Stan follows My Morning Jacket on tour, accompanied by Roger.
The Lion KingAs Good as It GetsWorking GirlAlmost Famous


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