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Question 1: ________ players will run their fingers across the surface of the drumhead to control unwanted resonance.

Question 2: When used to eliminate wolf tones on a ________, it is often attached on the A-string.
JazzBass guitarDouble bassCello

Question 3: A "closed" plunger gives a tone similar to a tightly inserted cup mute, and a skilled plunger technician can often produce sounds startlingly similar to the ________.
Human voiceSingingVocal rangeVocal pedagogy

Question 4: Derby Mutes or hat mutes (also known as Bowler Hats, and also confusingly called Wah-wah mutes) were common in ________ from the 1920s when King Oliver played and others wrote for them.
BluesJazzAmerican popular musicDixieland

Question 5: ________ often require no specialist mutes.
PianoPercussion instrumentBass drumTimpani

Question 6: The soft pedal of the ________ can be seen as having the effect of a mute.
TimpaniPercussion instrumentPianoVibraphone

Question 7: The use of a mute is usually indicated in ________ by the direction con sordino (often abbreviated con sord, sord, sordino).
Musical notationMusic theoryMusical scaleClassical music

Question 8: Muting woodwind instruments is very uncommon, and in the case of the ________ is almost completely unheard of.
PiccoloFluteWestern concert fluteAlto flute

Question 9: These mutes are typically made out of ________, brass, or copper metal, but more economical plaster, cardboard, and plastic versions exist.

Question 10: On the ________ a wolf mute is often attached to the G-string between the bridge and the tailpiece.
CelloViolinConcertoDouble bass


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