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  • between 1955 and 1998, under Article 19 of the Greek Citizenship Code which entitled the Greek government to strip non-ethnic Greeks who left the country of their citizenship, 46,638 members of the officially recognized Muslim minority of Greece lost their citizenship?

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Question 1: When, however, the case was taken to the ________, the Greek government was found to have violated the right to religious freedom of Mr Aga and Mr Ňěerif.
European Court of Human RightsKyoto ProtocolCouncil of EuropeInterpol

Question 2: Similarly, the Muslims resettled in Turkey included not only Turkish speakers, but also Albanian speakers, Bulgarian speakers, Vlach speakers and even Greek speakers (see ________).
Pontic GreeksGreek MuslimsGreeksMacedonians (Greeks)

Question 3: A similar term, "Muslims by nationality", was used in ________ to describe a similar situation.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaJosip Broz TitoSerbiaYugoslavia

Question 4: The minority enjoys full equality with the Greek majority, and prohibition against discrimination and ________ are provided for in Article 5 and Article 13 of the Greek constitution.
Freedom of religionState religionIslamReligious toleration

Question 5: [5] In Thrace today there are 3 muftis, approximately 270 ________ and approximately 300 mosques.
Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)ImamImamah (Shi'a doctrine)Twelver

Question 6: Nearly 3000 Turks remain in the island of Rhodes and 2000 Turks in the island of Kos, as a consequence of the fact that the island was part of the ________ when happened the population exchange between Turkey and Greece (and so was not affected by it).


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