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Question 1: ________, the American experimental composer, also created works for prepared piano which use varied, sometimes random, scales.
Demetrio StratosJohn CageWorks for prepared piano by John CageSonatas and Interludes

Question 2: ________ music uses a small variety of scales including Pélog and Sléndro, none including equally tempered nor harmonic intervals.
KecakGamelanAngklungGamelan jegog

Question 3: Most scales are ________-repeating, meaning their pattern of notes is the same in every octave.
FifteenthOctaveInterval (music)Semitone

Question 4: Through the introduction of blue notes, jazz and ________ employ scale intervals smaller than a semitone.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African-American Civil Rights Movement (1896–1954)Rock and rollBlues

Question 5: Accidentals are rare, and somewhat unsystematically used, often to avoid the ________.
Perfect fourthInterval (music)TritoneSemitone

Question 6: used in ________: ditonic or two, tritonic or three, tetratonic or four
Musical instrumentFluteNeanderthalPrehistoric music

Question 7: In blues a ________ scale is often used.
Musical scalePentatonic scaleAcoustic scaleJazz scale

Question 8: One or more scales may be used in a composition, such as in ________'s L'Isle Joyeuse.
Claude DebussyMaurice RavelFrédéric ChopinHector Berlioz

Question 9: In music, a scale is a group of musical notes collected in ascending and descending order, that provides material for or is used to conveniently represent part or all of a musical work including melody and/or ________.
Theodor W. AdornoPaintingModernismHarmony

Question 10: Microtonal scales are also used in traditional Indian ________ music, which has a variety of modes which are used not only as modes or scales but also as defining elements of the song, or raga.
RagaKambhojiKalyani (raga)Carnatic music


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