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Question 1: Music theory is the field of study that deals with how ________ works.
Classical musicMusicProgressive rockMusical notation

Question 2: In music written using the system of major-minor ________, the key of a piece determines the scale used.
HarmonyMusical modeTonalityMusical scale

Question 3: Recent work in these areas includes books by Bengt-Olov Palmqvist, Fred Lerdahl and ________, Jonathan Kramer, Christopher Hasty, William Rothstein, and Joel Lester.
Noam ChomskyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyRay JackendoffJerry Fodor

Question 4: ________ is the study of vertical sonorities in music.
Theodor W. AdornoPaintingModernismHarmony

Question 5: ________ developed several methods using stochastic methods.
Karlheinz StockhausenIannis XenakisTōru TakemitsuOlivier Messiaen

Question 6: Melody is often organized so as to interact with changing harmonies (sometimes called a ________) that accompany it, setting up consonance and dissonance.
Twelve-bar bluesAndalusian cadenceChord progressionChord (music)

Question 7: Even in modern ________, changing the key can change the feel of a piece of music, because it changes the relationship of the composition's pitches to the pitch range of the instruments on which the piece is being performed.
Equal temperamentBohlen–Pierce scalePitch classJust intonation

Question 8: Composers such as ________ and Milton Babbitt developed personal approaches to serialism; Stravinsky used a method of rotational arrays, and Babbitt used combinatoriality of rows.
Sviatoslav RichterMstislav RostropovichDmitri ShostakovichIgor Stravinsky

Question 9: Also, composers such as Pierre Boulez and his teacher ________[citation needed] explored integral serialism, or the serialization of all possible musical parameters (pitch, rhythm, dynamics, etc.).
Olivier MessiaenMstislav RostropovichDaniel BarenboimGyörgy Ligeti

Question 10: ________ rhythms are rhythms that accent unexpected parts of the beat.
SyncopationBeat (music)MusicJazz

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