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Question 1: In the U.S., Congress intervened with a royalty structure that was expensive to small independent operators, but easier than the ________'s standard scale.
Universal Music GroupRecording Industry Association of AmericaTrade group efforts against file sharingMusic industry

Question 2: Some stations play documentaries or even ________, while some others play syndicated or voicetracked DJs.
Saturday morning cartoonInfomercialFox Broadcasting CompanyBroadcast syndication

Question 3: Nevertheless, there seems to be a cottage industry of Internet stations specializing in specific forms of classic rock and oldies, particularly psychedelic rock and ________.
Music industryRock musicProgressive rockRecord producer

Question 4: ________ is funded by government and private donors.
ARD (broadcaster)Public broadcastingBBCTelevision licence

Question 5: Dance music radio focuses on live DJ sets and hit singles from genres of techno, house, electro, drum and bass, ________ and big beat.
UK garageDubstep2-step garageGrime (music)

Question 6: The BBC and ABC take a different approach, with all of its stations giving news updates (BBC ________ produces its own news segments under the name TX.)
BBC Radio 1BBC Radio 1XtraBBC 6 MusicBBC Radio 2

Question 7: Rock music entered the mainstream during the 1950s because of controversial white DJs such as Dewey Phillips and ________ with an appreciation for black music.
Wolfman JackUnited StatesLos AngelesXERF-AM

Question 8: Many stations contract with agencies such as Smartraveler and ________ for their weather and traffic reports instead of using in-house staff.
The Local AccuWeather ChannelBostonAccuWeatherJoel Myers

Question 9: Radio drama and comedy continue, often on ________.
Television licenceARD (broadcaster)BBCPublic broadcasting

Question 10: The legal requirement for ________ in the U.S.
WTMJ-TVCall signStation identificationSign-off

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