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Music of the United States: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Music of the United States have?
Senator for New South Wales
"Good Rockin' Tonight"
Pete Jackson Is Getting Married
Member for Martin

Question 2: The roots of commercial country music are generally traced to 1927, when music talent scout Ralph Peer recorded Jimmie Rodgers and ________.
Carter FamilyJohnny CashJune Carter CashJohn Carter Cash

Question 3: These researchers include the pioneering American folk song collector ________, whose work helped inspire the roots revival of the mid-20th century.
Pete SeegerUnited StatesAlan LomaxJohn Lomax

Question 4: The same period saw the rise of bombastic arena rock bands, bluesy ________ groups and mellow soft rock stars.
Heavy metal musicSouthern rockRock musicRockabilly

Question 5: The presidential campaign of ________ was the first to greatly benefit from music, after which it became standard practice for major candidates to use songs to create public enthusiasm.
Thomas R. MarshallWilliam Henry HarrisonWarren G. HardingAndrew Jackson

Question 6: Many American folk songs are identical to British songs in arrangements, but with new lyrics, often as ________ of the original material.

Question 7: By the late 1960s, Atlantic recording artist ________ had emerged as the most popular female soul star in the country.
Aretha FranklinAretha Franklin discographyWhitney HoustonStevie Wonder

Question 8: Spain and subsequently Mexico controlled much of what is now the western United States until the ________, including the entire state of Texas.
American Civil WarSpanish–American WarMexican–American WarPhilippine–American War

Question 9: Some of these bands, like ________, became international stars.
Bon Jovi discographyBon Jovi (album)Jon Bon JoviBon Jovi

Question 10: One was associated with amateur composers and pedagogues, whose style was based around simple ________ that were performed with increasing sophistication over time.
Gospel musicChristian metalChristian musicHymn


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