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Music of the Isle of Man: Quiz


Question 1: There was no harp tradition as was otherwise prevalent in ________.
Celtic rockCeltic fusionCeltic musicCeltic nations

Question 2: Though West Gallery music continued into the 1950s, by the 20th century instrumental music accompanied most worship on the ________.
Isle of ManRepublic of IrelandJerseyUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Manx language songs, in particular, benefited from the ________ from the 19th century onwards.
Irish languageGaeltachtMary Coughlan (politician)Gaelic revival

Question 4: The legacy of immigration, from ________ and elsewhere, has brought in many new styles of music to the island.
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: The song Reeaghyn dy Vannin (the Manx sword dance), is very similar to a lullaby from the ________ and is also said to have been a ritual dance during the Scandinavian era.

Question 6: Lining out was a common technique, as it was throughout ________ and Ireland.
ScotlandUnited KingdomEnglandGreat Britain

Question 7: [1] Derby Castle and the Palace Hall became two of the most prominent venues in the ________ during this era, and there were a number of thriving smaller establishments.
British IslesNorthern IrelandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 8: Also extant were traditional Gaelic ________-singing and other church music.
Psalm 151PsalmsEpistlePsalms 152–155

Question 9: Its rich and varied culture reflects Celtic, Norse and other influences, with its neighbours, Scotland, ________ England and Wales playing their part.
Irish peoplePrehistoric IrelandIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 10: The earliest written evidence describes ________ music and a variety of folk dances.
Old-time musicFiddleViolinBanjo

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