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Music of the Final Fantasy series: Quiz


Question 1: The first actual vocals in a song appeared in ________.
Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy VIII

Question 2: [1][2] The music of the Final Fantasy series refers to the soundtracks of the Final Fantasy series of ________, as well as the surrounding medley of soundtrack, arranged, and compilation albums.
Video gameNonviolent video gameVideo game genresPersonal computer game

Question 3: It was the last Final Fantasy soundtrack that Uematsu was a main composer for until the forthcoming ________, as he resigned from Square Enix in November 2004.
Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy VFinal Fantasy XIV

Question 4: [84] It has also been played by the Australian ________, an independent symphony orchestra specializing in classical music from video games.
Video game musicEminence Symphony OrchestraNobuo UematsuYasunori Mitsuda

Question 5: Sakimoto again was the composer for Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, though this time he was supported by composers from his studio ________, and it too sparked a soundtrack album release.
Hitoshi SakimotoMasaharu IwataNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy Tactics

Question 6: The ________ is the formal title for a series of games and animated features developed by Square Enix based in the world and continuity of Final Fantasy VII.
Final Fantasy VII (Famicom)Compilation of Final Fantasy VIICrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIMusic of the Final Fantasy series

Question 7: He named this as the primary reason that the soundtrack album was two ________ long, a first for the series.
Digital Audio TapeCompact DiscMiniDiscUniversal Media Disc

Question 8: [44] ________, announced at the June 2, 2009, Sony E3 conference, will be composed by Uematsu through his "Smile Please" studio.
Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy V

Question 9: The first announced element of the compilation was ________, an animated sequel to the original game, though the first to be released was the mobile phone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII.
Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenCloud StrifeSephiroth (Final Fantasy)Tifa Lockhart

Question 10: Other spin-offs of the main Final Fantasy series include ________ (1991), a spin-off game later also considered as the first game in the Mana series, which had references to Final Fantasy removed in its remake, Sword of Mana.
Final Fantasy AdventureFinal Fantasy VFinal Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy II

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