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Question 1: ________ - Razumovsky Quartets, Opus 59 No.
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLudwig van BeethovenBeethoven's musical styleBeethoven and his contemporaries

Question 2: ________ - Variation for Piano op.
Hector BerliozCarl Maria von WeberFelix MendelssohnFranz Schubert

Question 3: Although not precisely definable as music, there are signals played on the trembita (a type of alpenhorn, to signify death, birth, a marriage or another significant event) by the ________ in the Carpathian mountains.
RusynsUkrainiansUkrainian literatureHutsuls

Question 4: Gary Kulesha, ________ composer.
Ukrainian CanadianCanadaUkraineUkrainian diaspora

Question 5: ________ - Ukrainian Suite for orchestra
Irving FineWalter PistonAaron CoplandEdward Burlingame Hill

Question 6: With the establishment of the Soviet regime in Ukraine a policy based on ________ was instituted which gradually grew to an intolerance to organized religion.
AntireligionAnti-clericalismNontheismState atheism

Question 7: An example of this style is the theme for the Shchedrivka "Shchedryk" known in the West as "________".
Plácido DomingoCharles AznavourCarol of the BellsSissel Kyrkjebø

Question 8: The highest form of development of this style of singing can be seen in the lyric historical folk epics known as dumy sung to the accompaniment of the ________, kobza or lira (lirnyk).

Question 9: The pentatonic scale in ________ form is common in spring songs known as Vesnianky.
Pentatonic scaleAcoustic scaleJazz scaleMusical scale

Question 10: 3) Ethnic Ukrainian composers and performers living outside of Ukraine within the Ukrainian ________.

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