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Music of Turkey: Quiz


Question 1: From the makams of the royal courts to the melodies of the royal ________, a type of dance music emerged that was different from the oyun havası of fasıl music.
Sexual slaveryOttoman EmpireOrientalismHarem

Question 2: Italian theater and opera has had a profound effect on ________ in the past century.
Culture of TurkeyTurkish peopleRussian cultureAzerbaijani culture

Question 3: Traditionally, saz is played solely by traveling musicians known as ozan or religious ________ troubadours called aşık.
Alevi historyBektashiAleviHajji Bektash Wali

Question 4: [31] The major record companies produce material by artists that have signed to one of their record labels, a ________ often associated with a particular genre or record producer.
Brand managementBrandProduct placementAdvertising

Question 5: Higher education in the field of music in Turkey is mostly based around large universities, connected to state music ________ and conservatories.
XenocratesAcademyPorphyry (philosopher)Proclus

Question 6: Another major influence was ________.
Music of TurkeyLaïkoMusic of Southeastern EuropeMusic of Greece

Question 7: With the support of Aksu, the resurging popularity of pop music gave rise to several international Turkish pop stars such as Tarkan and ________.
RuslanaJohnny Logan (singer)Alexander RybakSertab Erener

Question 8: ________ or oriental hip hop is a creation of the Turkish migrant worker community in Germany, which some suggest was a suitable outlet for a young generation disillusioned with Germany's treatment of its migrant class.
Turkish folk musicTurkish hip hopOttoman military bandArabesque music

Question 9: Central Asian Turkic peoples from the Caspian Sea and areas have had a huge influence in the purest forms of Turkish folk music, most notably from the ________ and Turkmen.
Azerbaijani cultureIranAzerbaijani peopleAzerbaijan

Question 10: In turn, it has influenced these cultures through the ________.
TurkeyIstanbulOttoman EmpireTurkish people


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